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The Benefits of Owning a Franchise

“Oh, so you are buying a business-in- a-box?”

“Everything is set up; you just have to pay a price and follow the rules.”

“Buying a franchise is less risky than starting your own business from the ground up.”

These are just some of the comments you are expected to hear when you consider purchasing a franchise rather than starting your own business venture from scratch.

It’s true that when you purchase a franchise, the risk of loss and failure is greatly reduced. Someone has already done the hard work and established a successful venture. You just have to add your expertise along with the financing.

Benefits of Owning a Montessori Kids Universe FranchiseHowever, just like everything worth doing, owning a franchise takes hard work and dedication. The difference is that if you do your part, the franchise will do the rest to increase your chances of success.


Brand Recognition:

The biggest advantage of owning a franchise is brand recognition. Most franchises are well-established and have a strong customer following. Owning a franchise instead of starting a new venture saves you a lot of time and effort.


Franchise owners, as well as their staff, are provided full training and support from the corporate heads. This allows the franchisee to set up and run the business to the best of their ability.

Real estate:

It is important to secure a good location for any business. Franchisors provide full real estate assistance to interested entrepreneurs so they can find the right location and secure the best deals on the site.

Marketing tools:

Franchisors have marketing plans, campaigns, and tools all ready for buyers. With these in hand, you will have no trouble getting your name out to the local public. You can also expect a grand opening of your business supported by the entire franchise team.

On-going support:

Franchisees receive continuous support from the franchisors – newsletter, visits by the representatives, regular meetings, and training opportunities. And In case you hit a rough spot during your venture, you can always call on the company heads and seek help. They will leave you rest assured that you are not alone.

The choice is yours!

Although, you will be required to follow the rules of the company, buying a franchise is the easiest and safest way to become business owners. Some studies show that franchises have a success rate of almost 90 percent while only 15 percent of newly launched independent businesses are successful.

The idea may be someone else’s but if you have what it takes to flourish, then investing in a franchise is your best option.

March 28th, 2017

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