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Your customers are talking….Are you listening?

“Whenever I am upset about something, the first person I call is my mom. She listens patiently while I vent out my frustrations and at the end, the only sentence she speaks out is – Everything will be ok! And with these words, the world immediately starts looking like a better place to be.”

Listening EarThis may seem like a simple life situation that many of us go through, but it is enough to show the importance of listening.We humans like to be heard and whether it’s our frustrations, ideas, or whatever emotion we are going through, it feels good to just let it out of our system. Our customers are the same way. Time and time again, research has shown that customer satisfaction is the key to success for any business. Consumers want to be heard and whether it’s their suggestions, criticism, or appreciation, as a business owner it’s your responsibility to listen to them. And maybe, if you really listen to them, you can gather more insight on how to improve and enhance your business.

How to make them feel heard?

So how do you make sure that the customer knows you are listening to them? The consumer gives you their business and loyalty, and you must return that by appreciating whatever it is that they have to say about your business/company, good and bad.

Ask for their ideas

Taking customer’s feedback is a popular practice that is followed by many successful companies. The renowned candy company Tootsie Roll often hosts a giveaway where their fans and followers are given a chance to taste the new flavors of their company. This not only allows the company to gain insight on their new offering but also helps in promoting the new flavor and creating more brand awareness. Starbucks has added a special Twitter handle to their social media account where customers can share their ideas/suggestions to make Starbucks better. The company not only responds to each customer but also has a separate blog where each idea that has been implemented is listed.

In simple words, all feedback is good feedback. Social media platforms should be your number one source while a feedback/survey form also works great.

Offer a prompt reply

According to a survey conducted by Search Engine Watch, 7 out of 10 Twitter users expect a response from the brands they get in touch with. In fact, 53% of the Twitter users want their favorite brands to respond within an hour and if they have shared a complaint or criticism, the number increases to 72%.

Review Tracker also conducted a survey in the same regard and concluded that 52% of customers want feedback on their query within 7 days while one in four expects a response within 3 days, specifically if it’s a negative review that they have posted.

Avoid leaving your customer’s feedback unattended. Reply to their queries promptly. If they are looking for a solution to any issue they are facing with your product/service, offer a solution. And don’t forget to thank them for being loyal to your brand.

Be honest

Your word is your bond. If you have promised the customer some changes in your business operation, follow through. Making false claims or promises that are unfulfilled can ruin your reputation instantly.

Customers hold the key to your business’s success!

A SalesForce survey shows that 55% of customers are willing to pay even more for a product if they are provided with exceptional customer service. Remember, “The customer is always right” and believe it or not, they can foresee many problems in your business – well before you can. Even though their feedback might not be positive at all times, with a little effort, you can easily convert their complaints into compliments.

October 24th, 2017

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