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Best Career Advice from Top CEOs

While many of us take advice with a grain of salt, the advice of successful individuals can be enough to motivate and inspire us. Whether you are starting a new job or gearing up to launch your own business, chances are you are all ears for some good advice. And who better to dish out tips than the most successful individuals out there.

Below we have rounded up some of the best and most useful tips from the most highly successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders out there? Here’s what to do if you want to make it to their tier:


Set clear goals

“Setting a goal can be daunting,” says Robert Herjavec, the multi-millionaire owner of the Herjavec Group, a cybersecurity company. “It means you are taking a chance that might result in failure.”

Of course, many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t set expectations. However, Herjavec says, “Even successful ones don’t want to set expectations in case they don’t reach them. But failure only comes when you don’t try. Setting and working toward a goal will empower small business owners to achieve their potential. I know because I’ve done it.”

A Harvard goal-setting study also revealed that people who wrote down their goals are likely to be 10 times more successful than those who don’t have any written plan.

Be passionate

Starting a new business is scary and the developmental process is undoubtedly challenging. At times, the budding business owners feel that it is impossible to succeed in the vision they have created. However, if the intuition feels right in your heart, then allow yourself to go in the direction. Instead of worrying and limiting yourself, ask “What can I learn from this?””, and “What do I really want?” Being positive and staying motivated will help you achieve your goals faster. about your goals will move anything overtime.

Curt Richardson, founder of OtterboxOtter box, saidalso comments, “Understand who you are and what you want. That’s not about money or things; it’s about what’s in your heart. I always knew I’d be an entrepreneur, but I didn’t find success until I got to the core of what I really wanted to build, which was a company that does well so it can do good.well.””

Don’t work for money

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple who has a passion for technology, has advised many times: “Don’t work for money— it will wear out fast, or you’ll never make enough and you will never be happy, one or the other.There’s a big difference between loving to work and loving the work. And there’s a big difference between whether you fall in love with some work that is just for profits or revenues versus work that is in the service of others.”

Embrace failure

Failure is a part of business. Unfortunately, nine out of 10 startups will fail in their first year while only half of the businesses started survive till their fifth year. However, “rather than letting failure define them, the most successful people recognize when they make a mistake and think about what they can learn from it,” says Katia Beauchamp, co-founder and CEO of Birchbox, a health and beauty subscription box company.

Looking back in history, it’s not hard to find business failures. There was the time when Walt Disney faced major financial setbacks and as a result, was $4 million in debt. However, a great idea in the form of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” became a major hit and helped the company come out of bankruptcy.

We are also familiar with the story of Steve Jobs, who after attempting a failed idea of starting a computer business, learned how to make software that later led him to create a new start-up known as Microsoft..

And in the end…the main thing that will get you where you want to be is “work, work, and work.” As Daymond John, “Shark Tank” star says, “Get up before everybody, go to sleep after everybody, and work. That’s it.”

October 9th, 2017

Posted In: Marketing Tips for Franchisees