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6 tips for hiring for your new business

tips for hiring for your new business

As much as you want to, it is impossible for a founder to run an entire business single-handedly. With the growing demands of business, therefore, it is important to recruit trusted, reliable employees. Apart from aiding in different aspects of work, your employees will add their own skill sets to the business, which can be beneficial to the company in its road to success.

Recruiting new employees is time consuming and oftentimes frustrating, especially when weeding through hundreds or even thousands of unqualified applicants. To add to the stress, making a poor hiring decision or allowing the perfect CV to get buried in mounds of others can have dire consequences.

To help you make the right choice, here are some tips that you can use when you have a vacancy:

1. Be honest

Be honest when writing the job listing and be specific about your requirements, the skills you are looking for and what your company is like. Giving sufficient details about your demands will save you a lot of time sorting through resumes that are not the right fit.

2. Don’t rush

The last thing you want to do is re-hire for the same position after six months because you made the mistake of accepting an “okay” candidate. To get it right the first time, make sure you ask good interview questions that get beyond the surface to reveal the applicant’s true nature. Personality tests are also an excellent tool for ascertaining whether an applicant is the right fit for your business.

3. Don’t forget references

Although you may want to get through the hiring process as quickly as you can, take the time to investigate further than the face-to-face interview. Ask for references from former supervisors and follow up with a personal phone call to all references. Definitely check out applicants’ social media accounts, as these reveal how people present themselves to others, how they spend their time outside of the office, and what is important to them, all key aspects you might not be able to get from an interview.

4. Look beyond traditional job sites

Even though job sites are the first place one looks when job hunting, there are several places you can post your job advert in search of the right candidate. Post vacancy announcements on your social media sites, forums, or any other place where your business is popular. And don’t overlook your network – ask fellow colleagues, family members, and friends if they know anyone who is the right fit for the post.

5. Consider recruitment agencies

If budget allows, you can transfer the recruitment process to the respective agency who deals in finding the right prospects for specific companies. They do the dirty work of shortlisting candidates and provide you with a few interview-ready applicants. This not only saves time but also the hassle of narrowing down from the piles of CVs. Of course, recruitment agencies charge on a commission basis which is typically 10 – 20% of the annual salary. While they can be expensive, if you don’t have the temperament to go through all the trouble and if your budget permits, it will be well worth it.

6. Look for someone who is committed

Is the candidate serious about the job? Is he willing to learn and grow with your business? Or is he just passing through until something better comes along? Look for commitment from your candidates.Analyze their previous jobs and time spent at each to get a better idea of the employee’s work ethic and longevity, especially in similar positions.

Initially, it may seem difficult to find the right employee and you may fear hiring the wrong one. But with patience, commitment, thorough investigation, and little bit of luck, you increase your chances of hiring exactly the right person.

August 22nd, 2017

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